Projects, Projects and more Projects

your indispensable partner towards success


Today, business leaders want their Projects to ultimately and quickly deliver the expected business value and return on investment.

BD SOLUTIONSPRO is your partner towards this success.

  • BD SOLUTIONSPRO have accumulated over 100 years of worldwide project experiences and is ready to share it with you.

  • BDS SOLUTIONSPRO can assist you during any of the phase-gate process of a project phase from the inception, conception, feasibility until the final execution and commissioning, start-up and exploitation phases. 

  • BD SOLUTIONSPRO can also provide support to review, advise, recommend, correct and or assist defined actions to adjust any problematic phases during your project life cycle.

BD SOLUTIONSPRO can assume various roles during the project life cycle in being your:

  • advisor,

  • consultant,

  • project auditor,

  • steering project committee participant or organizer,

  • risk analyser,

  • reliability maintenance coordinator,


BD SOLUTIONSPRO can assist you in:

  • developing a clear project definition with its specific vision, mission and objectives

  • defining a project specific execution plan

  • structuring a “check and balance” type matrix organization

  • establishing a clear Responsibility, Accountability, Consultation, Information (RACI) matrix

  • developing simple, fit for purpose project work procedures – which easily can be transformed into paperless and fully automated workflow processes

  • developing project specific reports and controls


Give us a call, BD SOLUTIONSPRO is ready to work with you.