We open the window into your operations and we diagnose your business’ health condition.

We work with you to go though a systematic analysis of business operational assets in terms of organization structure, people engagement, systems and resources, procedures and work processes, business goals and objectives, preparedness for growth and overall performance.

Typical questions we need to answer together:

  • How is your business performing now?

  • How do you rate your financial performance?

  • What is your employee turnover?

  • How smooth is your operation?

  • Is your organization structure supporting your goals?

  • Is your decision making centralized?

  • How do you engage with your employees?

  • What is your business risk profile?

  • How robust are your work processes?

  • How are your tools and systems supportive of your operation?

  • What is the quality and level of your internal and external communications?

  • What growth are you planning for?

From there we work an action plan, we monitor it until you feel in control and we let you play your game.

Business Performance Review

Business Meeting

Organization Charts

The fit-for-purpose organization chart is key to your success: your business and people must operate in a structure that enables:

  • the utmost performance of your people,

  • the right delegation of authority,

  • clear accountability for all stakeholders,

  • and above all allowing the right balance between time management and delegation.

Following on from the Business Performance Review, we will draft and recommend a Business Organization Chart. We will then adjust and you will deploy with the necessary protocols which we will share with you.


Roles and Responsibilities

Following on from the development of the Organization Chart, we will work with you to develop simple RACI matrices. The responsibility matrix will clarify for all staff, based on various tasks, what they are:

  • Responsible for

  • Accountable for

  • Consulted for

  • Informed with


Simple structure but essential to minimize diffuse and cross responsibilities, resulting in better work harmony, less employee dissatisfaction and turnover.


People Engagement

“It is all about People, People and People.” You have heard this before. Never more true in today’s environment.

BD SOLUTIONSPRO directors have been at the management forefront of businesses encompassing hundreds of employees in multi-departmental operations, within large complex structures. At the same time, their careers took them to be Principals of smaller companies where razor thin operations were key to success.

Horses for courses.

Let us bring our experience and expertise to help you succeed.


Procedures Review and Streamlining

The world has changed in the last decades. Procedures are being replaced by workflows.

Workflows are being replaced by Automated Workflows.

BD SOLUTIONSPRO have developed a working collaboration with Flokzu, the best BPM workflow tool on the market.

Let us refine your work processes to achieve the ultimate in operations performance.


Business Dashboard

You drive your car with a dashboard which provides you with the speed, RPM, navigation GPS, petrol consumption, Km's, etc.

In the same way, you need to run your operations with a Business Dashboard. You need to see at a glance, in real time, your actuals versus your goals or budgets, on a periodical basis:

  • Gross margin

  • Net margin

  • Salaries

  • Inventories

  • Work in progress

  • Expenses

  • Number of wins

  • Number of losses

  • Number of potentials

  • Etc.


These must be adjusted on the nature of your business with emphasis on leading indicators. Lagging indicators are useful but they don’t allow you to take proactive actions.


Let us work with you to build your custom-made dashboard.


KPIs, Metrics and Monitoring

We can help you develop business key indicators, from the metrics derived from your specific operations.

Nothing is invented in here, but rather we help you dig the mine of data to find the gold nuggets. These will then be sorted and treated  in a way to extract critical business parameters. We will help you structure  your data outputs so they are available if not in real-time, as a minimum at fixed period.

Ultimately, you will be equipped with the tools to understand and steer your business in the right direction.


Manual Workflows

Throw away your written procedures that nobody read and enter the world of work processes defined by workflows.

We will help you translate your procedures, following established protocols, into manual workflow guides. Once this is done, you will find that:

  • Your staff will enjoy this graphical journey

  • Procedures will be more easily followed

  • These will be adapted to your existing systems

  • We will work together to sketch them out and translate them into Visio files

  • On boarding new employees will be easier and faster

  • Revisions and adjustments will go smoother

  • Your key protocols can be posted on walls or into your company intranet or browsers.


Keep it simple and enjoyable.

PURGED SL Commission Fee WORKFLOW Rev1.j

Automated Workflows

Enter the journey of ultimate performance. Automated Worflows.



has entered into a special collaboration with Flokzu, the best BPM tool available on the market.

Let us show you how we can automate your operation to provide a paperless environment delivering at the same time quality, consistency and error-free service day-after-day. Whether your staff work from home, in the office, or in any geography, using a phone, tablet, PC or laptop, you will stay connected to the Cloud.

We build your workflows with Flokzu BPM and they reside on the Cloud, accessible through conventional browser such as IE, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.