Bert has 30 years experience in the management of people, processes and systems, through a successful career in the industrial world .

Bert was responsible for multi-departments and at some point in time, hundreds of employees. He was also a small business owner/director and understand the fine balance between a razor thin operation and the need for structure.

Last 10 years have been devoted to improve business performances and to show the path to success by training and implementation of best practices. It's all about enhancing people skills and motivation through the use of state-of-the-art tools, processes, systems and challenging the status quo.

The proposed solution must be tailored to the needs of each organization and "one does not fit all". The solution must be fit for your purpose.

Bertrand has worked in the following countries :  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Jamaica, Mexico, Chili, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, South-Africa and various parts of Europe.


He speaks fluently English and French.

We are here to help and let you pick up our minds, spirit and toolbox.



Daniel has accumulated years of international experience in corporate management, project management and operational management.

Throughout his career, Daniel has held many senior managerial roles on mega-projects where investment exceeded billions of dollars in diverse industries.

Daniel spent four years developing a new major central project division for the Russian giant Rusal, the second largest aluminum producer in the world after China.

This newly formed central division, composed of over 1400 employees, was trained to implement best western management practices. CAPEX Projects responsibilities of multi billion dollars ranged from bauxite mining to ore rail transportation, alumina refineries, aluminum smelters, hydro-electric power generation dams and others.

Throughout the development of this major central project division, many organizational changes and new procedures had to be created to change the former Soviet practices to more efficient project execution approaches. Russian local contractors, SMEs and equipment suppliers also had to be trained to such new approaches in management – the simple concept of trust and teamwork was a fundamental in supporting all these changes.

Daniel has worked in Algeria, Argentina, Australia, USA, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Bahrain, Russia and Canada with important companies such Spie-Batignolle, SNC Lavalin, Bechtel, Fluor Daniels, and Rusal.


He was able to capture the best from every ethnic world culture allowing him to offer such important savoir-faire to all clients of BD Solutions i.e. how to do business and work in such a global economic forum.